I am delighted to have 4 pictures and one of my handmade books accepted to the Society of Botanical Artists Exhibition due to take place in June. I am also very excited to have work accepted for the Society of Graphic Fine Art Exhibition (also scheduled for June) for the second year running. Although I think it unlikely that either Exhibition will run the news has brightened up March!

Stay safe everyone.



Welcome to my website,

I am an award winning contemporary botanical artist creating highly detailed work in a variety of media. Inspired by the natural world around me, my favourite subjects are autumnal and vegetable, often found while walking in the beautiful Kent countryside around my home or picked from the garden. I particularly enjoy the challenge of portraying a subject in motion using a mixture of loose and more detailed style in the same picture.


My other passion is for creating handmade individual books that are works of art in themselves. These too have a nature or botanical theme and you can see some of these in the gallery pages.

Have a look around my website and find out what I do, where I teach and what exhibitions I am currently involved in…



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