Artists Books

Please contact me if you would like more information or to purchase one of the books below.

Butterfly Book

Containing 12 butterfly images in colour pencil. Hand decorated paper cover with mixed media and stitch (14x14cm).

Fungi Book

Containing 12 Fungi images in colour pencil. Hand decorated eco paper pages, stitching,  paper cover with mixed media (14cm x 21cm).

30 Days – Handmade artist book

Containing 30 botanical illustrations in a variety of media, cloth cover.

Nature – Handmade Artist Book

With botanical illustrations, hand coloured paper, stitch. Mixed media cover.

Mini Book – Handmade Artist Book

Mixed media, stitch, handmade paper. Made with real leaves.

One Day – Handmade Artist Book

Four page, fabric covered, mixed media containing pen and ink nature illustrations.

Little Book of Fruit – Handmade Artist Book

Nineteen page, hand coloured, hand made paper, containing coloured pencil fruit illustrations, with pen and ink background.